David Patrick Beston

David Patrick Beston - Well-Traveled Account Executive in New York

A New York-based sales professional with more than 14 years of experience, David Patrick Beston enjoys spending his free time with his wife and daughter. With a long-time fondness for traveling, he delights in exploring New York City and other US destinations and taking trips abroad. David Patrick Beston counts Maine among his top places to visit, and he has hiked in multiple national parks.

His love of travel traces back to his military service as a sergeant in the US Marines. He was stationed in several locations around the globe, including Japan, Africa, and the Mojave Desert in California. Appreciative of the dry heat, he often returns to the Southwest for hiking excursions in the Mojave Desert and Phoenix, Arizona. His love of warm weather also extends to beaches and tropical rainforests in Central America.

Passionate about the arts, David Patrick Beston earned a bachelor of arts in literature from Hunter College in New York. He enjoys writing screenplays, as well as watching American films released in the 1970s and late 1960s. His other artistic interests include listening to music, visiting art museums, and reading works by literary authors such as Raymond Carver and David Foster Wallace.

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David Patrick Beston